Disciplines within the Sport

The club has Home Office approval for a variety of types of firearm and members can shoot in a wide range of competitions.

The club is affiliated to:

  • The National Rifle Association
  • The National Small Bore Rifle Association
  • The National Target Shotgun Association
  • The United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association

Membership of these bodies means that club members/teams can join in a variety of local and national competitions.

The firearms most commonly used at the club range are .22 rifles, under lever carbines in pistol calibres, long barrelled pistols, air weapons and black powder weapons.

Full bore rifles are shot at Bisley.

Mario and Alan Shooting at Bisley

Rifle and Pistol Shooting

A majority of range target shooting is completed using .22  rimfire gallery or air rifles. Members may shoot their own pistol calibres as required.

Most of the pistol shooting has been superseded by Gallery Rifle shooting, but the Club does caters for shooters of .22 & Full-bore Long pistols, Full-bore black powder revolvers, single shot percussion & flintlock pistols.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday are the designated evenings for these activities.

When a competition is current the targets can be shot on these nights

Any prospective new member is advised to initially complete the form on our Contact page. We will get back to you thereafter.