Club Membership

Newcomers can be certain of a warm welcome and experienced Club members always provide support and training.

Note that new applicants who don't hold an FAC can't visit the range until they have attended a GUEST DAY.  This is done so the Police can vet them BEFORE they have access to firearms.

The Club benefits from sound finances which have enabled it to benefit from some of the lowest membership fees in the UK.

ALL targets are provided by the Club and all competition entries are FREE!

Visitors pay £5 per evening (maximum of 3 evenings).

Under 18
Over 66

Club Training

The Club is particularly keen to promote skill and safety in the use of firearms and runs a number of training programmes.

All new members are instructed in the Club’s firearms’ safety procedures.

Probationary members are expected to qualify for full membership within 6 months and during this time the probationary member must attend a minimum of 20 shooting and training sessions.

All probationary members are given full instruction on safety procedures and firearm handling. The probationer will be accompanied on the range and supervised for all the sessions. Progress is noted on the probationer’s ‘log’. There will be 2 formal tests of competence. On satisfactory completion of the probationary period the probationer will have fulfilled the guideline requirements for membership of a Home Office Approved Club and may be considered for full membership of Little Chalfont Rifle & Pistol Club.

For new members to the Club who hold Firearm Certificates the probationary period can be accelerated.

All probationary training uses .22 Club rifles.

For full members of the Club who wish to take up full bore shooting, training at Bisley is provided by Club coaches and members have the opportunity to develop their skills with one-to-one supervision.

All probationary training and training at Bisley have been developed in accordance with the National Rifle Association’s ‘Safe Shooting’ systems.

Club Members Practicing